Black Friday 2019 - 7 out of 10 of the Romanian internet users are satisfied with the event

18 Dec 2019 4 mins read

The number of Romanians who choose to shop on Black Friday is growing, with a conversion rate from intention to online purchase 22% higher compared to 2017.


Regarding the degree of satisfaction, 7 out of 10 Romanians said they were satisfied with Black Friday 2019. 


A significantly higher number of internet users in the urban area state that in 2019 the discount campaigns started before. Black Friday increased their interest in the whole phenomenon: 35% in 2019 vs. 21% in 2018.


Romanian internet users keep the habit of preparing their Black Friday shopping basket in advance, 28% of them making their selection of products 3-4 weeks before the event. For fear of losing the desired products, consumers buy them faster, especially in the weekend before Black Friday (36%). It has turned over the years from a day of discounts into an event long awaited by internet users in Romania, so more and more retailers choose to start communicating promotions earlier. 

In 2019, the main sources of information about Black Friday are: Facebook posts, website ads and TV spots. In addition, this year we see a significant increase in the influence of social media, public figures, bloggers and vloggers on the decision to choose or buy Black Friday products (27%). 


For most urban Internet users, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to buy the products they need at home or to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. The largest amounts were spent on television sets and electronic products (on average 800 lei) and mobile phones / tablets / accessories (on average 660 lei). Of those surveyed, 34% used their savings for Black Friday purchases, and 18% used credit cards. The Black Friday period made most Romanians feel satisfied (43%) and excited (20%) about the purchases made. 

Black Friday 2019 came with an improvement in the image of the discounts offered, half of the internet users considered them normal / acceptable, a perception that influenced the increase of the satisfaction score compared to 2018 (74% vs. 53%). A larger number of satisfied consumers also determined a greater interest in Black Friday 2020 - 72% expect next year's event. 

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