Social Media Stars Index – the top of the most followed online accounts in August 2021, Romania

13 Sep 2021 6 mins read

Starcom Romania created through Social Media Stars Index, the top of the most watched online accounts in the entertainment sphere in Romania, in August.

In August 2021, the interest of fans for all social platforms decreased compared to the other months of summer.


The largest decrease was observed for Youtube, where a percentage of -56.2% was recorded in terms of total engagement. This decline comes from the fact that in July the market was augmented by the owned channel of the magician Robert Tudor who reached a unique performance at the time: videos posted by him gathered more than 410 million views (more than double compared to the rest of all the videos posted by content creators in Romania in a normal month), while in August things return to normal.


And in Facebook’s case, we can talk about a decreased activity. The users of the platform registered in August a decrease of -15% in terms of general interest compared to previous months. This is mainly due to the reduced availability to redistribute content posted by creators (29% less than in July 2021). At the same time, they had 16% fewer reactions to the content posted, and the number of comments decreased by 6%.


Of all the social platforms, Instagram had the lowest decrease in August: -5% engagement points compared to July 2021. This can be entirely attributed to the decrease in the number of comments - a decrease of three quarters compared to the number reached by a month before.


Andra, 1st place in the top of the most followed social media accounts in August

Andra occupies the first place in the Starcom ranking, due to the good performance of her Facebook account. In August, the singer celebrated both her birthday and 13 years since her marriage to her husband Cătălin Măruță, and the posts that marked these moments were also the most appreciated by the fans.


The 2nd place in the general ranking of August is occupied by Inna

Next in the Social Media Stars Index ranking is also a singer - Inna. Even if Inna's index of social media accounts reaches only half of the performance of the best ranked in the category, it ranks second in the general top due to the balance between their performances.


Andrei Deiu, 3rd place in the general ranking and 1st place on Instagram

Thanks to a strong Instagram community, Andrei Deiu remains the best performer on this platform and this month gets the supremacy in terms of fan involvement - his posts have gathered more than 4.5 million appreciations. The performance is all the more remarkable because the next ranked player gets less than half of his score.


BettyL Club, 5th place and a new presence in the Social Media Stars Index ranking

Betty enters the top on the 5th place with a remarkable performance: the videos posted this month on Youtube had a total of 70 million views (40% of the total views of content creators in Romania in the background). The most popular video gathered over 21 million views.


The next two places are occupied by Smiley (6th place) and Delia (7th place). Delia improves the performance of her Facebook and Instagram accounts compared to previous months and climbs to 7th place in the general ranking in August.


Christina Cocos is another first appearance in top 10. As in Betty’s case, the very good performance of the Youtube account propels her in the general top. But, in this situation, the main contributor are the appreciations that the fans showed videos posted: almost 23% of the total market.


The third novelty in this top, in August, is the presence of Bianca Mihaela Lixandru (BiBi) on the 16th place, with notable performances on Instagram and Youtube.

Social Media Stars Index - Music category

Andra remains on the first place and in the top of the most sought after music artists, followed here by Inna on the 2nd place. Tony Poptămaș remains in the top 3 and Smiley occupies the 4th place, followed by Delia on the 5th.

In the TV Stars category, same as last year in the same period, we find Dorian Popa. On the second place we have Andreea Mantea, followed by Cătălin Măruță on 3rd.

Adela Popescu, who recently returned to the viewers' attention, is on the 5th place, and Dani Oțil on the 6th place.


Social Media Stars Index –Health & Fitness category

In the Health & Fitness category, on the first place we find Andrei Deiu, the favorite of Instagram users. On the 2nd place is Oana Cuzino and on the third we have Valentin Bosioc. The next places are occupied by Bogdan Hriscu (4th place) and Carmen Brumă (5th place).


Social Media Stars Index – Gaming category

As for the Gaming category, things haven't changed much. The 1st place is still owned by Maxinfinite and the 2nd place is ranked by iRaphahell. Instead, this time, the 3rd place is occupied by Andrei Obret who is followed by Gannicus96 on the 4th place.