01 Jul 2021 3 mins read

If a business is depending on a marketing-mix model that averages the past 3 YEARS of data, the maximum potential of communication cannot be reached. Brands need data that is fresh, current and reflect what’s happening TODAY or AT LEAST THIS WEEK.

DIGITAL HEALTH INDEX - A “New Age” kind of metric Integrating millions of data points and multiple data tools. In real-time. Offering strategic visualizations for making informed strategic decisions.

  • Qualitative Metrics added to Quantitative
  • All digital metrics in one single view
  • REAL-TIME results and already benchmarked
  • Clear separation between paid and earned


Digital Health Index sub-scores explained:

  1. Digital Power Score: shows consumers interest in one brand based on searches volume
  2. Content Power Score: highlights the visibility of brands compared to the number of mentions
  3. Conviviality: shows the positive engagements from 3 social media networks


An overview of January – May 2021 on brands’ health

At the level of digital appearances for the 7 categories analyzed, out of a total of 1,060,000, the most mentioned categories were: AUTO (40%), TELECOM (24%) and FINANCE (15%). AUTO is on the drop, TELECOM and FINANCE vary depending on launches and growth we observe SOFT DRINKS.

The rankings change, however, when we look at social media interactions. Of the total of 55 million interactions analyzed in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for the 7 categories analyzed, we see that 83% of these take place on Facebook, even we are close to 98% if we look at Facebook + Instagram taken together.

RETAIL, although it’s not in the top 3 brands that gather many appearances in .ro, has 50% of the total interactions. FINANCE and AUTO have 17% each, quite far from RETAIL, even taken together.

And the rest of the categories, by comparison, have few interactions, although we might not expect that (for example, CLINICS or SOFT DRINKS near the summer season would make sense to grow even faster with the resumption of city outing and vacation departures, to show that in a normal, pre-pandemic year).

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