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What is App Tracker?

App Tracker is a local system developed for tracking, measuring, and analyzing data, for main mobile applications from e-commerce & retail, audio & video & editorial content, financial services, games, social media, utility & mobility, as well as other smaller categories.

Your benefits with App Tracker?

Identify strength and weaknesses at app KPIs level across the funnel - from app awareness, favorability, consideration to install, usage, usage intention, NPS, in app money spent, in app purchases, time spent in app.

Analyze the competitive app landscape, providing data outside client’s app ecosystem (e.g. to what competitors moved client’s uninstalled users). It can be also integrated with client’s app data for correlations and predictions. Long term tracking with monthly reporting allows for always on data, the possibility to identify issues or opportunities from early stages.

Provide users profile info for each monitored app, app users base growth potential, gain & loss analysis, conversion funnels from awareness to usage and from favorability to loyalty, plot of apps based on money spent and NPS or based on other KPIs. It is both a dynamic monitoring & analyzing tool.

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