analysing the brand’s position and forecasting the evolution of KPIs

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BUSINESS COMPASS is our Data Intelligence Solution that automatically forecasts the evolution of business KPIs in correlation with market context, communication investments and brand’s position in its category.

Your benefits with BUSINESS COMPASS?

You can diagnose and decide in which direction to lead your brand, optimizing the invested budget for maximum impact on business KPIs

What can we track/analyse?

Brand Impact Score:
Analyze the brand's state and growth potential vs. competitors in terms of brand mindspace, brand attachment, brand relevance and brand distinctiveness.

Investment in Media:
monitoring the media strategy implementation for the brand vs. competitors

Sales & Economic Environment:
Monitoring the brand’s sales tracker, market share & price evolution

Market Dynamics:
Monitoring the evolution of consumption in the category and forecasting the evolution of the market

Business Forecast:
Forecasting the evolution of MS in correlation with planned media investment and price evolution.

Which kind of clients we can help?

Algorithms are developed for FMCG Food & FMCG Non-Food but our team of experts can customize them for any category.


The optimization tool accurately forecasts (with a 2.5% statistically acceptable margin error) the sales increase bought by additional media investment and computes the optimal mix of channels based on ROI.

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