Location Radar

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What is Location Radar?

Location Radar is a complex geo-marketing tool, real time extracting all available Google consumer location reviews for all the brands within a category, classifying them based on own machine learning algorithm, providing customer insights and location optimization guidelines.

Your benefits with Location Radar?

It provides a concise evaluation of customer experience with own locations vs. main competitors’ locations.

It analysis customer experience evolution in time with all category players, pin-pointing inflexion points that need to be addressed and enabling forecast It provides a category analysis on key customere xperience concerns & drivers, underlying points of difference and painpoints vs. key competitors.

It provides an in-depth analysis of customer experience by seniority level, from expert to occasional reviewers.

It for a complete analysis of each location, it can be integrated with Mobility Tracker (traffic congestion data), Brand Tracker results at city/region level, performances of geo-targeted campaigns and sales data.

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